Compass Financial Planning was founded out of a desire to create a financial planning firm dedicated to placing our client’s best interest in the center of all we do.


Compass Financial Planning delivers financial advice that is free from the conflicts of interest that exist in the commission- driven business model that is found with brokers, banks, and insurance companies.


Compass Financial Planning's founder and principal advisor, Jim Heitman, CFP®, started in the financial services industry in the 1980’s. Over a period of twenty years, he worked for

Compass Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning firm. As a member of NAPFA and the FPA, the term fee-only may only be used by those who accept no third-party payment for services--including commissions, finder’s fees, or any other sort of compensation tied to the sale of an investment, insurance, or product. We work for our clients directly.


For our clients who need financial planning, we charge an hourly rate of $350 an hour. All work is discussed up front, and an estimate is provided before the client signs a contract. The time estimate will not be exceeded without the client's consent to the additional costs.

For those whose primary need is to have someone manage an investment portfolio, we charge a fee based on the assets we manage--a maximum of 1.25% annually. This fee is assessed in-arrears, meaning that we bill after the end of the quarter.


several investment companies, both large and small. Each one paid lip service to client service, but all put the needs of the firm before the best interests of the client. In 2004, Jim decided that the best way to work for a firm that placed a client’s interest first was to create one, and founded Compass Financial Planning as a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. (For an explanation of fee-only, please read the "How we are paid?" section below).


At Compass Financial Planning, our client’s financial goals, and their best interests, are in the center of all we do. Through our process of Discover, Define, and Design, we assist our clients in discovering goals, defining what success in their goals looks like, and designing a plan to achieve that success--all while keeping the client’s interest at the center of the process.


How are we paid?

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